I started seriously creating mosaics in 2008 when I retired from a career as a software engineer. I’m largely a self-taught mosaic artist but have experimented with many techniques and materials. Currently, I’m working almost exclusively with slate which I source from salvaged roofing tiles. I create thin, fin-like pieces (tesserae) of slate, combine them into a cohesive flow and blend the limited colors to shepherd the viewer through each mosaic.

This material and technique speaks to me. I’m, in fact, drawing lines as I lay down the fins of slate, and it feels like I’m sketching with the thin tesserae. This has lead to a more spontaneous, improvisational approach to my work. I thrive on organic, abstract, geometric designs. When I work, I somehow plug into my subconscious which frequently leads to surprises of unknown origins. I often can’t explain from where my designs emanate.

When thinking about and creating a new piece, I need an impetus to direct my efforts, to answer the “why” of the piece. I want to deliver a message that is meaningful and in line with my beliefs. For me, the human impact on earth is most relevant and important. I choose to make pieces that speak to the effect that humans are exacting on our little, rocky planet. Gaze upon the work, consider the title, study the description of the piece and you will grok my message.