Gaia’s Treasures: Hanging in the Balance

Gaia’s Treasures: Hanging in the Balance

The health of our little, blue marble home planet is ailing and at risk due to human impacts. CO2 is blanketing the atmosphere. Temperatures are soaring. Polar caps and glaciers are melting. Oceans are acidifying and their levels are rising. Weather patterns are changing and causing widespread issues. Many species’ populations are being negatively impacted. We must be willing to change our behaviors and act now to, at the very least, reduce carbon emissions.  It’s the only home we have and it is imperative that we find communal, joint solutions or risk losing it.

This is the second in a series of “Gaia’s Treasures”.



Slate, limestone, marble, unglazed tile, thinset, handmade substrate


9.25" x 10.25"

© 2016 Scott Fitzwater This work cannot be reproduced without the consent of the artist.